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This is the free for all of things that don't really fit into the site very well, and for other sites I like and stuff.


Days Calculator - Number of days calculator.

Photographs - some of my pictures.

Spoddy skills - a skills guide.

Oldgits stuff

Forum - experimental forum.

Software - things I wrote which you can download

Spoddyness Table - a skills table.


Problems solved - writeups of computer problems I have solved.


Shout Outs

Tim Jackson - somebody I ought to see more.

Katie Wilson - also a friend. Now without website.


The Riverhead Brewery Tap - The pub next to work. They make their own beer, but don't do food - lunchtime food would be nice. Nice looking website, but could do with some tweaking.

Graduate Link - Jobs for graduates in the Yorkshire region. Yes to be very good, but I'm sure it is going off a bit.

A bar in Huddersfield.

The Linux Counter - Linux users, stand up and be counted