16 August 2001 - completely flash websites

Do these people ever use the web ? Flash can be cool, but when it doesn't work, crashes your web browser and wastes 2 minutes on intros it is very annoying.

Also, do people not realise that search engines can't index flash ? The web is for content, not for crappy corporate graphics.

The same goes for all graphical websites, and websites where the total page size is huge and takes a long time to download.

15 August 2001 - Job websites

Yes I am looking for a job, yes I am looking on the internet. Have I found anything interesting ? No.

I have only found one Jobs website that I like. Maybe one other that works well, just that the content isn't want I want. All the rest seem to contain collections of jobs from other jobs websites. The interfaces are poor, jobs are duplicated and badly classified. It is hard to put in search criteria which come up with what I want. Then, when you find the job, you find that it is really just an advert placed by yet another agency.

The agencies are also desperately trying to cover up the identity of the target company. Therefore, it is impossible to discover what sort of organisation you might be applying to.

The number one annoyance though, are sites that demand CV's in word format. I have my CV nicely packaged up in a PDF format, which is a lot smaller than a word document with the same contents is going to be. Also it is much more universally readable than a word file and has less chance of being filled with nasty viruses. Even more comical is when the advert is asking for unix people.

There seem to be hundreds of jobs websites about, and also half the jobs seem to be trying to recruit `recruitment consultants`. So, this would suggest to me that companies are having a very hard time finding good staff and therefore pumping enough money into the agency market to support all the different players. So, why I am still jobless ?

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