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Tim Bray - spoddyness factors

Do not take this page too seriously. I tried thinking about spoddy skills to put down on my CV and this is what came out (sort of). I wouldn't take this page as absolute, but I think it makes a good guide.

Below are listed technological things which I have experience. I have rated them all from 1 meaning I know a little bit about them, to 10 meaning that I am a reasonable expert. I did try drawing up definitions for all the levels in between but it didn't work out.
This is no way an exhaustive list, just the things I thought of at the time.

Java Modern Object Oriented programming language 9
Java Server Pages A way of embeddeding java statements into webpages. 1
Java Servlets A way of producing dynamic web content. It is like a java engine to sit inside the web server. Quite groovy because the server loads of the program once, and then each user accessing it runs as a different thread. 7
Informix Database Another database management system. Recently taken over by IBM. 2
P-System Operating system which was around about 15 years ago, precursor to Windows NT and java. This is how I got into real computers. Now it is used in set top boxes for digital TV. 4
Denford Millcam Designer Simple piece of CAM software used in UK Schools8
Intel Proshare/Business Video ConferencingVideo and data conferencing software 6
Windows NT Server/Workstation 7
html (and XHTML)Document Markup Language. But also how to make websites which are browser independant, validate and are understood by search engines. 6
xml Another (newer) more general document markup language 1
CSS Cascading Style Sheets - separate style from content in html 4
Windows 95/98 Desktop operating system 9
Perl Scripting language 3
Php3/4 Server Side scripting for the WWW 5
ASP Server Side scripting for the WWW but made by MS for NT. 2
Access Database/SQL Microsoft's Database system 5
The rest of MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint 5
Lotus Wordpro 7
Haskell Functional programming language - think about programming on an entirely different level. 3
Novell Netware 3.11/3.12 Network Server System 4
Debian Linux (including Samba) - as in setting up Doing things like installing network cards, compiling the kernel, partitioning disks, building packages from source, running web and mailservers. 7
Unix - general use Shell Commands etc 7
TCP/IPNetworking Protocol 6
Pascal Programming Language 5
Stage Lighting   3
Amateur Radio/Radio Communication in general   4
Programming Pic16c84's Programming little Microcontrollers, single chip computers 4
Setting up Office networks. Fileservers, printservers, internet access, email access, user profiles etc 8
MySQL Open source relational database system. 2
Cat 5 cabling/ethernet Installing patch panels, network cabling, crimping on RJ45 connectors, ethernet topology etc. 8
Postscript You may think of postscript as just a thing to send to the printer. It is actually a fully featured stack based programming language. 2
Latex Is a great way to make nicely printed documents without spending weeks on the formatting. Good for technical reports. 2
SIP Session Initiation protocol. Clever things for setting up Voice over IP connections. For establishing sessions between users (in multiple locations) rather than between computers. 6

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